Sleep is great. In fact, it’s more than great: it’s an integral component of overall wellbeing. But, in a fast-paced world, full of distractions, paralysing anxieties (read: politicians that refuse irrefutable evidence for global warming and horrifying domestic violence statistics that are a reality for women everywhere), Instagram and streets teeming with fucboiiis, it’s almost impossible to sleep soundly at night.

And really, in light of the preceding information, falling asleep easily isn’t plausible either. For most, just getting to sleep is the hardest part: yes, the mental to-do list and the shit-i-forgot-to-do-that-today we destructively run through in our heads night after night is the antithesis of peacefully drifting off. So, here at THE FILE HQ, we’ve been making an effort to incorporate a pre-bed ritual into our PM routine. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just something to let our bodies know that our day is coming to an end. A time to wind down, decompress and enjoy the indulgence of having a little moment to yourself.

And that got us thinking: how do you set yourself up for a good nights rest? So we asked, and as always, you delivered. Reading, candles and lemongrass spray… safe to say, we’re feeling verrrrry inspired. Over to you. 


“An evening of reading in bed with a Kiehl’s Overnight Facemask on. Or, binge-watching Sex In The City with a glass of wine!”



“Sleep is SO important to me! All my friends always make fun of me for sleeping so early. I’m psychotic about it, I always need 8-9 hours of sleep. When I sleep early, my skin is better, my mind clearer, and I just feel good in general. Before I sleep I like to read for 30 minutes and light a candle. Frank Sinatra always helps me relax and fall asleep faster too… Right before I go to sleep, I put on hand cream and Vaseline on my lips, put on my eye mask and turn off the fairy lights.”




“Dry body brushing before an epsom salt bath, Everyday Oil alllll over my body and a little bit of Yoga with Adrienne



Lemongrass Spray. Works every time!”



“My sleep routine consists of a solid 10 minutes shower each and every evening (I LOATHE showering in the mornings, as crazy as that is to some people). I feel like, this alone, even if I have time for nothing else, sets me up for a really good nights sleep and definitively marks the period of time between the end of the working day and the time to relax. Oh, and as soon as I get home until I go to sleep I have my Aesop Catherine Oil Burner Blend on. I find it insanely calming.”