Self tanner is something we subscribe to all year round along with our SPF 50+. In summer, it helps you achieve a deep bronze glow without having to fry in the sun for hours with a tanning oil. And in winter, it generally just makes you look less like a dead person. Reminder to self: ‘dead person’ is not a cute look.

But as much as you may not want to look like The Exorcist’s Emily Rose pre-exorcism, the endless textures, shades and technologies spilling from the beauty isle can be a lot to grapple with – not to mention the totally warranted fear of turning orange or patchy. Don’t worry one bit! Your sisters at THE FILE have got you with some Holy Grail’s that may soon be making an appearance on our own top shelves.

As always, thank you for sharing.




Tan Luxe The Water is INSANE. Prior to using it I’d only used gradual tanners because I’m lazy and was scared of traditional tanners. The Water is insanely easy to use (you just spray it on and rub it in – I prefer to use a mitt) and then leave it! No need to wash it off or worry about it staining the bed sheets. I have the shade Light/Medium and it gives me the most natural tan, but it’s also buildable if I want something deeper. I can honestly say I’m not interested in trying any other tanning products on the market because this one is just so good at what it does and delivers every time!”




“I’ve tried about 1000 and Bondi Sands Dark Foam is the easiest to get ‘right’ especially on tricky areas. Can be a little dehydrating though. Testing Tan Luxe soon (thinking face)”


Bondi Sands Liquid Gold! Natural glow and fades like a normal tan no scrubbing needed!”


Bondi Sands Tanning Foam – because it has a green base (so you don’t look orange) and looks very natural and streak free. Also only costs $20.”




Australian brand VANI-T mousse is divine and very hydrating.




“The La Mer gradual Tan is worth the price tag!! Subtle and natural and not too gradual. For a deeper and faster tan always St Tropez bronzing mousse!”




Xen-tan, great value, natural shades, easy application, fragrance is light”




“Vita Liberata 10 Min Tan and Loving Tan Mousse because they both don’t smell like a typical self-tanner and they look really beautiful, glowy, and natural on the skin (I’m very fair-skinned)”


Khiels Sun Free Self Tanner!! It’s the best and sensitive enough that you can use it on face and body”




ST TROPEZ! It HAS to be the mousse with the mitt. The bronzer really helps guide and the mousse never runs or gets streaky. The mitt helps keep things so even (just go in a circular motions!) and you can even get your back all by yourself if you just make enough circular movements. I always look so natural and never orange because of their green under tint”


St Tropez Dark (3 x hallelujah hands). I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best!!”