A facial serum is arguably the most effective product in your beauty arsenal (aside from sunscreen, of course). That being said, you’re not alone if you have absolutely no freaking idea what a serum actually is. What is their super power? When do you apply it? How do you apply it? Wait, is it a moisturiser?

Essentially, a serum is a skincare product you apply directly after cleansing to deliver a very concentrated dose of deeply transformative ingredients to the skin. No, they’re not the same as a facial oil (a serum’s molecules are waaaaaay smaller, hence their ability to penetrate the skin’s surface more efficiently) and there are various formulations to combat almost every skin concern under the sun.

Anyway, point being – the sudden influx of sun has left us with a little extra pigmentation than usual, and we needed something to help. And then we thought who better to ask about the Best Brightening Serum than you guys?

So here they are. The Best Brightening Serums: According To You.



“I have found that no one serum has this superpower! But Rationale everything is a pretty good substitute.”



Zo Obagi Rozatrol is the best for red and sensitive skin.”



“Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Best. Serum. Ever.”



Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum!!!!!”



The Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil by Tata Harper. The results have been incredible and, honestly, my complexion has improved a LOT.”