Something we seriously admire? A woman who exfoliates weekly. Anyone who’s self care ritual involves a dedication to the art of arduous scrubbing, dry body brushing, chemical body exfoliation or any other DIY technique that involves whipping up mixtures of ground coffee, sugar, essential oils or any other natural substance gets out vote.

There’s a whole other level of respect that we have for these women. For us, exfoliating is often something that’s an after thought; something that’s considered last, either pre tanning or when scrubbing off a days old tan or before an ~intimate~ event of some description.

So in the name of aspiring to smooth, soft and goddess like silky milky skin, we asked you your tried and tested exfoliators. The brands you purchase time and time again because you see real benefits and real results.

And as always, thank you for sharing.



Herbivore Coconut Rose Scrub! Smells so good and isn’t too greasy”



Herbivore Rose Sugar Scrub! Smells so delish and doesn’t leave me greasy. Also doesn’t leave the tub floor slippery so I don’t die!”




Alba Botanica Sugar Cane Scrub is the only scrub that doesn’t irritate my skin. If you’re looking for a gentle scrub, sugar is so much less harsh then salt”




L’occitane Ultra Rich Body Scrub! Smells so good and exfoliates while moisturizing. Important to note that it’s a very gentle exfoliation, nothing harsh. Good to use before shaving”




Grecian Sea Sponge. I have a very complicated skin story. I have extremely dry skin and live in a dry climate. I’m not acne prone- however too much oil or oil-based products give me sebhorric dermatitis – so it is super tricky to pick moisturizers. I rarely use anything oil based. My skin also turns red to the touch – I have to be super careful with any type of exfoliant. I have this of broken capillaries because of the apricot scrub. My friend gifted me this sea sponge and it is extremely gentle however also leaves me feeling very smooth and polished!”




Frank Body Coffee Scrub! I like the original formula the best. Have yet to find a scrub that leaves my skin as soft”



The Frank Body Scrubs are amazing – my favourites are the peppermint and shimmer varieties. Peppermint is amazing for post workout showers to keep my skin clear of impurities and sweat”




“Hi there! Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub…it is divine! Perfect texture, smell, and overall level of happiness after using it”



Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. It has great texture to it without being harsh and leaves my skin feeling super smooth.”




Paula’s Choice Body Lotion with 10% AHA’s! Because it is non-abrasive…I always choose acids over physical scrubs because they word better and are actually more gentle on the skin. This lotion also gets rid of those little red bumps that people get under their upper arms”




“The Moon Rivers Naturals Coffee Grapefruit Scrub smells AMAZING. The coffee grounds help my cellulite/stretch marks and the whipped coconut oil is super hydrating”




Collistar Thalasso, because it works and is enriched with essential oils”




The Ordinary Glycolic Toner all over! My legs are just chronically dry, especially during winter. Using it consistently smoothes them out and exfoliates away all the flakey skin. The difference between day 1 and 3 is insane. And it’s super cheap too. I use it every 3-4 nights when I’m good :)”




“I love so many but my current favourite is Clinique Sparkling Skin in a jar. It’s a cream beas and it’s great for sensitive skin. I’ve been using it for years and it’s kept my skin super soft! Plus the jar looks pretty in the shower!”




“Homemade all the way. Sugar, coffee, almond oil. You can control how much of each ingredient you add and control the strength of the scrub. You can choose nourishing ingredients that are best for your skin! It’s also cheaper and you know exactly what you are putting on your body”


“Coffee grounds mixed with olive oil. Simple. Cheap. Effective. Gives my skin a nice bronzy glow”


“I use a cactus fibre dry body brush. I find it prevents dry skin build up and allows my skin to absorb moisturiser better after a shower. I never get ingrown hairs anymore either!”