Without sounding superficial, one of our favourite things to do post-Sunday brunch is to roll up at the nearest department store and get busy at the beauty counters.

And it’s not just because our faces are showing the fun from the night before, (although, ok, that could be part of it), it’s kind of the thrill of the find. And if we’re in another country, even better. London? Space NK. NY? Barney’s Beauty Hall. Sydney? Mecca. Paris? Collette.

But quite frankly, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. We mean srsly, how many lipsticks can actually launch in a month?? The answer is thousands, apparently.

So in the name of efficiency, we got talking to one of the skin experts in Mecca recently and drilled her on the products she swears by, buys for herself and recommends most (and note, she takes her job very, very seriously).

So of course, we tried them all, then we narrowed them down to our top 6 (AKA the ones we’ve seen the biggest results with), and here they are.

So next Sunday, you can sleep in on us.

 Also special note: This may sound like a sponsored post, but it’s not Folks.  We totally drilled that skincare expert like nothing else on a random trip to a Mecca store and thought you should know about it, too.