As of 2017, our global daily social media usage amounted to 135 minutes per day – this equates to over 6 years of social media usage in a lifetime. Just think about that for a second, I’ll wait.

Now, add that to the current state of our social media landscape – which compels us to consume content on such a grand scale – and things begin to look particularly bleak. With targeted ads, superhuman algorithms and pay-per-post Influencers coming at you from all directions, an innocent 5-minute scroll can easily turn into a 30-minute shame spiral followed by the purchase of a miracle tonic that promises shinier hair and longer life (and costs a sizeable chunk of one’s weekly wage).

It’s depressing, I know. So depressing, in fact, that all kinds of industries, from tech to fashion, are grappling with the kinds of very human dilemmas it raises.

It got me to thinking about how our worlds are split across two spheres: that of the material world and that of the digital. Over the course of our days, we’ll find ourselves navigating both spaces with relative ease. But what kind of impact is this really having on our sanity, our relationships, our ability to truly connect?

As the way we behave online ultimately shapes our behaviours in the real world, what we choose to follow and “like” on social media matters. As someone who usually cringes at the mere mention of “wellness” the accounts that I’m about to share with you come as welcome change from the curated content I’m used to. As our digital footprint grows we have a responsibility to our future selves to spend more time seeking the kind of content that will encourage us to lead more transparent and empowered lives.

So, what do these accounts share? An #inspiring aesthetic, for one. Inclusive discussions to do with mental health, gender, sexuality, body positivity, ritual and self-care, for two. But beyond that, these women are opening up their worlds, in a way that is introspective without being “navel-gazey,” intimate and honest without the gaudy showmanship. In the act of sharing, these accounts have become a kind of digital safe space for those looking for shelter from the negativity we so often encounter online.

Keep scrolling mindlessly mindfully for my top 6 accounts. Read, appreciate. Maybe laugh, maybe weep, maybe start planning your next Pinterest board. Lastly, please sign off with your favourites in the comments section below.

Self Practice

Scrolling through @selfpractice’s story feed has now become one of my daily rituals. It would feel weird to say I’m turning to Instagram for ‘wellness’ advice if Lauren Trend and her team of contributors didn’t post such intentional and thoughtful content. Taking a holistic approach to wellness by touching on all aspects of self – from body to mind to spirituality – everything feels deliberate and meaningful, the perfect combination of candid, inspiring stories and helpful self-care recommendations. 


Forme Sens

: left;”>@forme.sens (previously Peso del Mare) is a collection of shared journal entries that delve deeper into the realm of mental health. Exploring themes such as trauma, anxiety and depression, Founder Tiana Petrullo and contributors shed light on some of the most vulnerable and shadowy corners of human experiences. The act of reading these entries whether on their feed or directly on their blog is hugely powerful and cathartic.


Paige Geffen

It’s not often that we question our attachments to the objects around us, but then in comes @paigegeffen’s. Her account explores our emotional attachments from our homes to the objects we find in them, in the hopes of aiding a deeper level of connection to self. I like to call it, ‘interior inspo for the thinking woman.’


Health is Hell

“>@Healthishell aka Ali Weiss feels like a supportive pseudo mom/best-friend that occasionally over shares but also give you the kind of genuine, cutthroat lifestyle advice that we millennial’s need. She doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics and delivers unfiltered advice in the most digestible way – with a sprinkle of humor. Whether she tackling topics like ‘Getting Sober’ or encouraging us to transform our dating lives by cutting out texting, Ali’s advice is clever, insightful and an internet gospel, IMO.


Neyon Tree

I can relate to @neyon_tree’s talks about suffering from social anxiety, as often times I am grappled with feelings of anxiousness on any outing pertaining to more than 5 people. Prepare for unbridled, unapologetic sexuality and femme power in full force.


Lesse Official

@lesseofficial is a relative newcomer. A unisex, organic skin care brand that all began with a single product, the Ritual Serum, and a commitment to beauty shelf minimalism. Conscious beauty, if you will. Let’s just say I came for the products and stayed for the revealing guest interviews that provide an insiders look into the beauty practices and rituals of women all over the world, proving that small acts of kindness self-care can be so much more than skin deep.

Words, Alex Niue.