Unless you fall into the lucky 10% of humans who’ve been blessed with amazing, never-needs-a-scrap-of-makeup skin, chances are, you have a couple of things you’d like to hide.

We do. But let’s just say it’s more than a ‘couple’. When we look in the mirror first thing, we see all sorts of scary stuff starring back at us – black bags suitcases under our eyes, redness around our nose, permanent reminders of past pimples… After all, we’re only human.

So we’ve come to rely pretty heavily on our good old friend concealer. The problem is, until now, we haven’t been able to find one that does absolutely everything, and hangs around for longer than our morning coffee run.

We’ve been told on countless occasions that corrective colour concealers are where it’s at, but to be honest, that all looks, sounds and seems way too hectic. We gladly left painting by numbers in primary school, guys, and we don’t intend to take it up again.

We put a whole bunch of cult concealers to the ultimate test, and man, we found some winners.

So without further adieu, here’s the ones worth your while. Trust us, you want in.

By Carmen Hamilton. 

Featured: Balenciaga bag from Parlour X.