So you want good brows, do you? Join the club. If there’re two things we can’t go without its mascara and a good brow pencil.

The thing is, though, you don’t know how important brows are until you’ve had them done for the first time. Our “first” was a trip to the Benefit counter, where our little virgin brows were waxed, plucked and dyed in about 15 minutes flat. Those were the days of perfect, polished, sculpted brows.

Now, lucky for us, things have changed and now it’s all about the fuller, more natural looking brow. It’s all about working with what you’ve been blessed with and amen to that. But the thing is, there are just so many goddamn brow products out there, it’s hard to choose which is right for you, and also, how to correctly apply.

So as always, we’ve done the legwork and rounded up the best of the new brow products out there. And don’t stress, whether it’s an easy, natural brow or something to fake a perfect arch, we’ve got you covered.

Click through the gallery below to see our favourite five.