If you’ve ever entered into to the seemingly daunting world of contouring, you’d know there isn’t one definitive method for sculpting yourself a razor-sharp set of cheekbones.

There are creams, powders, liquids, highlighters (the list goes on) made to make life easier, but then you also have to master the application and, most importantly, decide which end of the ‘intensity’ spectrum you’re going for (Gisele being at the lower end, and, you guessed it, Kim K. at the other).

Contouring gets a hard wrap, but when done right, it can actually be completely undetectable and shave a couple of years off your appearance.

We’re not fans of over-complicating things, so we kept it to a single product, an everyday intensity and an application method that is totally do-able –  even for those who are completely clueless in the make-up department.

Oh, and did we mention it takes two minutes or less?

Words, Carmen Hamilton. 

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