Remember a time when fashion bloggers, beauty vloggers and street style everything didn’t exist? Yeah, us too. When low cut skinny jeans and YSL tributes were all the rage, and Gwen Stefani was teaching everyone how to spell ‘bananas’. Instagram didn’t exist (terrifying we know), if you had the latest BlackBerry you were a total boss, and we were still buying magazines (remember them?). The first digital influencers were breaking on to the scene; we looked to Elin Kling for style inspiration, Garance Dore for French girl everything and in the beauty department, it was always Zoë Foster Blake.

She was the girl with the killer outfits and a wicked sense of humor that had us all jumping out of bed to read the latest post on her then blog, Fruity Beauty. She was the girl who injected real-ness into a world crammed with gloss and glamour and perfection.

And she was a bonafide expert in the matter; years of being the Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR made for an encyclopedic knowledge of the creams, lipsticks and tanning lotions we all needed now.

In a nutshell, Zoë Foster Blake (nee Foster) is still our hero. Fast-forward almost a decade and Zoë Foster Blake remains as relevant, awesome and bloody hilarious as when she first started. Except now she’s gone and created her own skin-care line, Go-To, written four women’s fiction books and a dating guide (with her now husband, Hamish Blake).

Is there anything this girl can’t do? When success for most of us is getting out the door without spilling cornflakes on our blouse, ZBF is seriously impressive. So naturally (because this is what we’re all about, duh) we needed to ransack her beauty gear (and her wardrobe).

When we arrived at Foster-Blake’s house, down a secret alley (Melbourne. Of course) that opened up into what can only be described as the sweetest pad we’ve ever seen, she greeted us in an Acne ‘doughnut’ sweater, red mini skirt and silver Miu Miu brogues – would you have expected anything else? And once we were inside we knew we were in for one hell of a treat.

Sure enough, we uncovered an entire collection of Gucci heels, printed Dolce dresses and drawers filled with the most impressive collection of lotions, potions, haircare, make-up and fragrance we’ve ever laid eyes on. Seriously guys, it’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for skin care.

But the truth is, actually spending time with Zoë is even more fun than rifling through her stuff and she has quickly screeched to the top of our dream girl list (sorry, Phoebe Tonkin). And it’s easy to understand exactly why she has such a cult following; her style is as cheeky as it is unique, and her brand is honest, refreshing and totally kick ass. Much like the woman herself.

Photography, Rudy Zverina. Words, Carlie Fowler. 

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