The phrases “style crush”, “girl crush”, and just the word “crush” in general makes us cringe. But what else are you going to say? “Female you feel an intense platonic admiration for”? And if we’re honest it’s hard not to use the ”C” word when describing our feelings towards Zanna Rassi Roberts. So when we knocked on the door of her Chelsea apartment, we felt a little overwhelmed at the thought of meeting our absolute number one crush. There, we said it.

The industry stalwart is Senior Fashion Editor at Marie Claire US, Fashion Correspondent for E! News and a mentor on Project Runway All Stars.  All this while being mother to 7-month-old twin girls.  She maintains an immense influence in the world of fashion, while still being kind, funny, instantly likeable and infinitely approachable.  So how does she do it?  Caffeine? Meditation? Super-woman genetic mutation?

“I suppose I’m at peace with the fact I won’t relax again until the girls turn 18!  Ha.”

In person Zanna has this infectious, bubbly energy that could carbonate lemonade. You can see why she’s so in-demand, with clients from Victoria’s Secret to L’Oréal and Target.

Her minimal tomboy signature look sees her style back the masculine with softer feminine pieces and it’s made her a street style favorite.  But we’re off the streets now, inside the sanctum of her home, and poking around inside her beauty cabinet.

Do you remember your earliest beauty memory?

“Around 10 years old …I desperately wanted to use hairspray but my mum wouldn’t let me.”  Her mother is still a big influence on Zanna.  “So, being such an obedient girl,” she continues, “early one morning I ran to the corner shop to buy some ‘Harmony’ hairspray. I’d apply it in the garden daily before school to avoid the tell-tale signs. I suppose I just knew the power of big hair early on.”

Zanna spent many years as a magazine beauty editor.  So what happens when a lifetime of beauty nous is distilled in the grooming routines of a time-poor mother?

“Speed is of the essence,” says Zanna.  “I only use quick multi tasking products.  Anything that requires labor is not in my kit.”

Her twins Rumi and Juni are around 32 weeks old now.  It looks like Zanna has barely stopped since they were born and they can often be spotted hanging out on shoots – drooling on the lap of Anne Fulenwider (editor-in-chief of Marie Claire US), or being cuddled by model Karlie Kloss.  They’re not just cute, they’re RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE.

“I love what I do for a living and I don’t feel like I’m “working”,” she says.  “Spending time with my girls are the best hours of my life and a total balancer. I’m a very lucky girl!”

Photographed by Adrian Mesko.


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