When you are born into an exotic name, it’s almost a given that you should pursue a career in which you can be referred to in the singular (Beyonce, Madonna et al). If that said career is blogger, then it’s all the more easy to forgo the traditional naming conventions and go straight for the eponymous – particularly if your name is Zanita.

The very whisper of her name conjures alluring visions of a girl adept at flitting around the globe at a moment’s notice. Zanita calls Stockholm her current “holm” (see what we did there) when she’s not between Paris, Milan, London, New York and Sydney. “The change of scenery is what drives me, I have an incredibly short attention span.” And as the girl herself attests, her sense of style is chameleonic as she moves between continents, mirroring where she is in time as opposed to following a staunch style guide. “If anything I would describe my style as fun, it’s always a tough question because I’m always changing my mind! I love soft tailoring and loose silhouettes as much as I love color and prints.”

This in turn infuses her posts with an international flavour grounded with an essence that is also very Australian (at the time of publishing her most recent campaign edit was captured along the canals of Amsterdam featuring a Dutch blogger in a Sydney label) which sees her images re-blogged and re-grammed and re-pinned across the internet. In just a few short years Zanita has made the shift from model to personal style blogger to photographer to creative consultant to landing the cover of Lucky magazine in the US (“Saying it aloud still seems so surreal”) and she seemingly manages to pull the whole thing off with the exact same ease as would you in say, nestling yourself onto the couch to do some hard chillin + Netflix.

And forget the whole “good things come to those who wait” mentality, take Zanita as a case study in perserverance and authenticity, “I never strived to “hit the big time” my advice to up-and-coming bloggers it to work towards creating the most authentic site possible and the rest will follow.” And follow we did.

Photographed by Kelly Geddes

Words by Anna McLeod

Her Style File