Some people make it hard for us to believe that everyone abides by the same clock. Their schedules so jam-packed, their skillsets so diversified, their aptitude to squeeze in extracurricular activities so impressive, it’s improbable to imagine they also exist within a 24/7 timeframe.

Yasmin Suteja is one of those people. The founder, photographer, and creative director of Culture Machine Agency also moonlights as the marketing head for her parents’ two Balinese businesses, and acts as her comedian brother’s manager. And, as if that wasn’t enough, after spending three years in Bali multi-tasking to the max, she then expanded Culture Machine to include a model scouting, development, and talent division. See? Super human. We’re convinced she must have got her hands on a time-turner to fit it all in.

We asked her how she managed to do it all, to which she credits her “absolute powerhouse” mum for always encouraging her to do what she loves, and instilling a great sense of optimism and can-do attitude in her from a young age. Having enrolled her in every extracurricular activity under the sun (ballet, violin, painting, photography, singing, theatre), her mum gave her the freedom to explore her creative side and to ultimately decide what captured her heart the most: photography. And while she does a stellar job behind the lens, we’re equally as enamoured by what happens when she jumps in front of one.

Yasmin is here to light up Sydney’s muted fashion landscape with her perf ensembles that largely comprise of bright thrift finds, Nike TNs, and streetwear brands like Stussy and UNIF. She’s also been around the beauty and skincare block, especially after her run-in with acne in her early 20s. In other words, she’s the ideal candidate for a TF home invasion.

Get to know the talented honey by clicking through her file. Thanks, Yasmin!


Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Hannah Roche.

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