Dreaming of a luxurious holiday on a super yacht off the Amalfi coast where, in between swims, Ryan Gosling reads you poetry and A$AP Rocky feeds you grapes? Of course you are – you are human, after all.

Have you got $200,000 spare change and Hollywood’s most powerful agent to turn that dream into a reality? Probably not. Again, h-u-m-a-n.

But what you can do, what you can totally do, is slather yourself in a luxurious body oil, watching Drive or The Notebook (your choice) while feeding yourself grapes like the strong, modern woman you are. You can totally do it!

Which body oil is going to get you that Christmas angel glow-up? We’re glad you asked. It’s easy to invest hundreds of dollars in one’s complexion – which is, like, 10% of your skin’s total surface area – in the process, leaving the other 90% to wither away. So last year, in the name of honouring our bodies, we rounded up our must-have body oils.

One year on, we find ourselves returning to NARS’s cult classic, as does Ksubi Brand Manager and total honey, Apples Ryan (true story: view her profile here). With a base of Monoi de Tahiti, a deeply nourishing oil that has been used by women in French Polynesia for centuries, Body Glow II is today both a centuries-old beauty hack and modern cult classic with good reason…

…not to mention your one-way ticket to yacht life from the comfort of your couch.

Words, Rose Howard. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.