I’ve always said that there are two types of people in this world: those who buy home fragrances for themselves and those who wait patiently for each birthday and Christmas to pass in the hope – the hope! – that someone may read their mind and buy them one.

Now, if we are to take my flawed, binary logic further, there are two types of people in this world: those who burn only scented candles and those who burn and spray literally anything they can find. Some people call the latter crazy and excessive. I call it fragrance layering for your home.

Whenever I’ve wanted to bring the salt-strung spirit of a Greek Island summer to chez Rose, I’ve long resorted to burning Diptyque Figuier Candle ….until I discovered the Figuier Room Spray. A spray, as it turns out, goes to places a candle simply cannot. It’ll brighten up your sheets between washes, freshen cushion covers in the living room and, when layered with the candle, deepens and prolongs the olfactory intensity like nothing else.

With impressive sillage and staying power, in a few simple spritzes it’ll take any space from drab to fab as fresh picked figs, barky leaves broken under foot and dried salt water on burnt skin. It’s the kind of thing I look forward to coming home to still covered in sand in the height of summer…but overtime you may even find yourself scrambling for this evocative sunshine bomb when in the interminable throes of the winter blues.

Trust moi.

And trust that there is friend, family member or lover out there who has for too long been deprived of this most simple and luxurious privilege. Pause for a moment. Think of who that might be. Save them from their #FirstWorldProblem with a gesture of olfactory goodwill.

Words, Rose Howard. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.