I’ve not owned much Dior makeup before. I think I had a mascara once and maybe a lipstick, but it’s not been a brand I’ve really engaged with. And the same goes for clothing, although with Maria Grazia Chiuri now at the helm it’s very possible this will change. Plus, I’m digging these summery blush shades.

I remember when I was a teenager thinking blush was lame and only for old ladies. I imagine this had a lot to do with my extended goth phase. But as an adult it’s become one of my favourite makeup items.

For this review, I tried four Dior Rouge Blushes in shades of Miss, Hologram, Charnelle and Stand Out. They all applied effortlessly and held for many hours. The powder is quite opaque and smooth which makes it easy to start light and build until you’re ready to roll. I love the look of all the colours with varying levels of coverage.

I often make up arbitrary makeup rules about day colours and night colours and for me the pinks are more night and the others more day. But I’m not the boss of you so you do you.

Give a Dior Rouge Blush or two to someone who needs some colour in their life, literally and metaphorically. Or give them a set of coloured pencils and hoard all the pretty cheek-enhancers for yourself.

Words, Nadine von Cohen. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.