People are always saying that you can’t improve on perfect. But this bottle of N°5, Double Coat Chocolate Tim Tams and Dev Patel prove that indeed you can.

This limited release of the “world’s most eternal fragrance” is a deep shade of ruby red that glimmers in the light. Stirring visions of Dorothy’s slippers and Marilyn’s lips, this is the first time ever the iconic bottle has been dressed in Madame Coco’s favourite colour.

The fragrance itself hasn’t changed because let’s face it, this is one thing that can’t be improved upon. It’s the same fresh bouquet of rose and jasmine with a cheeky hint of citrus and a sophisticated touch of bourbon vanilla leaves.

Whenever I haven’t smelled N°5 in a while I decide it’s overrated, but one waft in a shop or on a friend and I remember how strong and important it is. I’ve never worn it much myself, but this review has motivated me to move my bottle to the front of my scent stash. Or perhaps I need a red bottle, they really are stunning.

If you’re looking for a timeless, elegant Christmas gift, you’ve found it. Give it to the woman in your life who has everything, to the woman who deserves to be spoiled or to the woman in the mirror. Don’t you deserve to be spoiled too?

Words, Nadine von Cohen. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.