For its 2018 holiday gift guide, Bally commissioned “pioneering glitter artist” Sara Shakeel to add festive sparkle to vintage posters from their archives. Becoming a pioneering glitter artist is now my 2019 new year’s resolution and sole aim in life.

The guide is full of beautiful leather goods and ready-to-wear, curated to show off the “magic of Bally” and help you tick as many gifts off your list as possible for women and for men. There are also glimmering updates to a few Bally favourites for your loved ones who deserve to be dazzled this Christmas.

Among the bedazzled is the Janelle, Bally’s best-selling and most iconic shoe. Inspired by Moroccan babouche slippers (aren’t we all?), Janelles can be worn as full shoes or slides. And if I like anything, it’s versatile footwear. Ok if I like anything, it’s cheese but two-ways shoes come second. This new two-tone release is bold without being gaudy, and somehow manages a gold metallic strap, gold-studded toes and the name Janelle without losing Bally’s famed effortless chic aesthetic.

The Janelle bag collection as a whole is new to the Bally family, taking its lead from the celebrated shoe buckle. Like its loafer counterpart, this version is two-toned with heavy gold studding and a black strap, using the oversized buckle as its centrepiece and clasp. It’s tough but still feminine, just like me on first dates.

Give them to the classy lady in your life, or to yourself if, in fact, you are the classy lady in your life.

Words, Nadine von Cohen. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.