Picture this: you’re sitting at the foot of a small, plastic Christmas tree. Your family don’t do real pine anymore – it’s expensive and ultimately messy. It’s grey outside. It’s been a while since you’ve received a gift you actually want to use into the New Year, notwithstanding the seamless two-sizes-too-small grandma panties from Aunt Thelma last December 25.

But then this happens: you unwrap the gift from your mother. The letters A-E-S-O-P peer out beneath the shiny red and green paper. Yes, Aesop! It’s a goddamn Christmas miracle.

Inside, you find the infamous Post-Poo drops that you used to cover your “traces” at a friend’s house once, but never dared buy for yourself. There’s also the alcohol-free Mouthwash that designer-stylist Paris Mitchell Temple swears by. And finally, to round out the holy trifecta, you reach into the minimalist zip-top case (perfect for that beachside trip later in the year) and pull out the *fresh* yet ~sultry~ Istros Room Spray that’ll linger in your sacred space for up to several hours.

So, there you have it! Everything you’ll ever need to live your best and chicest 2019 life, where the shit doesn’t stink and the sun colours your home with essentials of the most luxurious kind.

Words, Rose Howard. Video, Duc Thinh Dong.