Talia Shuvalov is living our ideal New York life and we have to admit, we’re totally envious. She has the dream job, the perfect SoHo apartment, and the brains and beauty to top things off. We’re talking about the full package here folks.

Our meeting is scheduled for early Friday morning; after all she has a busy day ahead and an important meeting with her boss Alexander Wang. As the Design Director of Knits, she is an integral part of the company and works closely alongside him on all collections. Having honed her skills at Narciso Rodriguez and Opening Ceremony, Tali has made quite the impression on the New York fashion industry – and we’re not surprised.

Upon being greeted at her door, Tali apologises – she was out late last night at a charity ball. With no sign of it on her face, or in her apartment, it’s just another thing to add to that perfect person list. As soon as we step into her bedroom we are immediately struck by the sheer enormity of her shoe collection. Proenza, Dior, Wang, Balenciaga as far as the eye can see. Aside from the obvious evidence, Tali assures us she dresses down most days. “I don’t know if it’s more to do with age, but I’m just more interested in things that are comfortable. I know my heel collection doesn’t reflect that, but I honestly hardly ever wear any of them! I like to think I have places to go where I can wear them, but the reality is different!” We’re not sure we’re convinced…

Rifling through the extensive collection of knits she has designed, we can see just how much time, effort and love goes into her work. “It’s not really about the fashion, for me it’s about the design process and what I gain from it.” And it’s that same effortless and modest approach that’s reflected in her beauty routine, “my choice of beauty routines and makeup go hand in hand with my clothing preferences – clean and minimal. I prefer to not wear a lot of makeup and keep my skin moisturised so when I leave work at night I feel as fresh as I did in the morning”.

Like any busy New Yorker, mornings are a precious commodity and time is of the essence. Luckily Tali is only a fifteen minute walk from her Chinatown office, and makeup and breakfast are done on the run. “It’s honestly about ease. I have two or three things I really throw on in the morning that I don’t necessarily have to put on at home. I can take them to work with me and put them on throughout the day.”

Well we know why this Aussie expat is adored in New York. This honest, hardworking approach is as refreshing as they come. When it’s time for us to leave, Tali is rushing out the door in her work uniform of sleek all black, assuring us this is her comfort look. “Alex wears the exact same thing every single day – black jeans, black sweater and Nikes. And now I do the same thing.” We hope a fraction of that endless heel collection gets a work out soon…

Photographed by Soraya Zaman

Words by Lucinda Rose Constable

Her Style File