It’s something we all asked ourselves – or our friends – at some point between the late ‘90s and early 2000s: Are you a Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha or a Carrie?

Whether projecting personality quirks or failings through a fictional television character – i.e. “I’m a writer with a penchant for living beyond my means and a misguided yen for bad boys” (Carrie) – or recognising a spiritual fashion-sister in the tailored yet print and colour welcoming world of Miranda, the fashion of Sex And The City influenced us all.

Sofia Karvela was on hand for those fashion decisions that framed the personality and person style (two things that might be synonymous, surely?) of those women we know so well. Sofia – a stylist, creative director, costume designer and entrepreneur – had her first job assisting the now-legendary Patricia Field in Sex And The City.

Originally from Athens, Greece, and raised in London, Sofia has called New York home for years. So what does she love about the iconic city? “Everything. The chaos, the speed, the ability to hide and meditate and learn and grow and to fall and get back up and keep on going.”

It’s turned out to be the perfect place to express her creativity through the lens of fashion – an industry and art form she absorbed organically from the beginning of her career.

“I found the creative process very exciting and it came naturally. I didn’t have to struggle coming up with ideas or the appetite to go out there and get jobs and reach out to people that I admire and to then collaborate with them . I found that as long as you work really really hard things happen. I can say that it was not and still is not a free ride. That is fine with me. I thrive on challenges.”

Sofia’s approach to style and beauty are equally led by simplicity. She lists her typically daily routine as: Brush teeth. Wash face. Oil, serum and cream. Blush, mascara and lip gloss.

And is similarly understated with her fashion choices.

“If you don’t have to overthink it keep it simple,” she advises. “Go with your first instinct. If there is something you really want to wear go for it and then own it. If you don’t then, jeans and a crisp white shirt never fails to impress. Top it with a dark blazer, an ankle bootie or high top sneaker and a black Ray Ban and you are good to go.”

Own it, huh? Suddenly, all Carrie’s sartorial irreverence falls crash bang into place – perhaps a little Sofia magic was behind it all along.

Photographed by Soraya Zaman. 

Words by Susannah Tucker. 


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