You know that question some people just love to ask when talking about fashion; if you could live in one fashion era, which one would it be? Most of the time we reluctantly play along, inwardly rolling our eyes, because truth be told, who fucking cares?

But…gun to our head? The answer is always the 1970s. It was the dream fashion era; High waisted jeans, halternecks, bell bottoms, suede fringed jackets, platform wedges. You know the vibe, listening to Lou Reed records while smoking Js and reading Vonnegut. Boogie Nights vibes all the way.

We’re not obsessed with the 70s or anything, but we won’t lie, the aesthetic does make a regular appearance in our wardrobes (Fondue party anyone?). So when it was time to visit Rolla’s designer (and Co-Founder), Sarah Gilsenan, we knew we were about to spend some quality time with a kindred spirit.

You would’ve seen Rolla’s kicking about. Classic cuts, vintage inspired washes, throwback overalls… looks you can imagine Farrah or Jane Birkin rocking back in the day. The brand is a serious tip of the hat to that era. So you can imagine our excitement at the thought of rifling through Sarah Gilsenan’s gear.

OK guys, let us paint a picture in your mind; Imagine an adorable Californian Bungalow in Melbourne’s inner North West (cool kids, creatives, vintage stores, that kind of thing), complete with a real life cactus garden in the front yard (#gardengoals). We’re greeted by Gilsenan offering us tea the moment we walk through the door and we instantly feel at home.

And you can bet that Gilsenan’s home style is exactly reflective of the aesthetic that defines Rolla’s. Think mid-century design meets the 70s; Frank Lowen Tessas, vintage sideboards, Monsterias, and a bookcase filled with back issues of Vogue from the past 40 years (are you in heaven yet?). It’s so on point we were surprised there wasn’t a Sandman parked out front.

And it’s not just the interiors we’re crushing on, Sarah Gilsenan is warm, clever and strikingly beautiful. She has an effortless cool that comes from being really comfortable in her own skin. And bonus points, she wasn’t at all weirded out by us rifling through her stuff.

As the girl behind the Dusters, The Eastcoast Flares, and the Original Straight overalls, we knew it was going to be nothing short of party time. From racks full of classic tees, vintage kimonos, Rolla’s (duh) and more vintage denim than a Williamsburg thrift shop, it’s almost like she was born 20 years too late.

Needless to say when we were leaving this dreamy little lovenest (that she shares with her partner Andy Paltos and their daughter Tabitha), we were feeling totally inspired on the drive home. We crank ACDC on the stereo and keep an eye out for the nearest Vinnies. Hell, we might even stop for a chicko roll. Actually, lets not get carried away. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and we’re just happy with our Eastcoast Ankles.

Photographer, Rudy Zverina. Styling and words, Carlie Fowler.

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