For most of us, simplifying our lives is this never-ending pipe dream. We’ve read Kondo, subscribed to “The Minimalists”, hell, we’ve even planned a market stall to clear out our stuff. Well we’re going to. Soon. Maybe. Look, the reality is, when we get real with ourselves, in the organization department, we are a MESS.

And this extends to our wardrobes. For the most part, you couldn’t pay us to throw out those limited edition Marant x H&M leather pants we waited hours online for, or the Etro dress that looks amazing but we haven’t quite found the right occasion. And then there’s the shoes, hmmm, but let’s not get into that.

So when we walked into the home of Sara Donaldson (who moonlights as Harper and Harley on your Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Facebook feeds) we were hit with an overwhelming feeling of; Girl got her shit together!

We’ll back it up: We first became hooked on Sara a few years ago when we stumbled across her blog in all of it’s black, white, grey and denim glory.  Her knack for styling back basics, keeping things minimal, clean yet beautiful is her signature, and leaves everyone else wondering why the hell we can’t make something so simple, look so damn chic.

You know you’re really in the home of a fashion blogger when they A) they introduce you to an entire room as their “wardrobe” complete with rolling racks of perfectly organized Saint Laurent, Balmain, Gucci and Alaia, B) Its contents could put a child through college, and C) they have a floor to ceiling shoe cupboard that would make Imelda Marcos weep.

Then we got to experience her immaculately decorated living room, which is so slick we thought for a second we were in a wallpaper magazine shoot, complete with Vicki Lee wet flower series and large oversized vintage leather armchair.

And not surprisingly her approach to beauty is as simple and streamlined as her style. She credits Melanie Grant as her skin whisperer and swears by a tight edit of products to “have a glowing complexion (hello illuminator) to elevate my look”. Illuminator of choice? Only every blogger/model/celebrity’s must-have, Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze and Glow palette, duh.

Sara Donaldson has this knack of proving that less, really is more. Remind us to have that chat with our wardrobes….

Shot by Rudy Zverina.

Words by Carlie Fowler.


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