Sabina Socol is a woman after our own hearts. The word ‘cool’ gets tossed around so much these days that it’s almost lost all meaning, but if there’s one person truly deserving of it, it’s Sabina. We can’t think of one single person who can work a pair of denim jeans in the same way she can (ditto a wrap top, basket bag, or cropped cardigan). She’s the definition of “effortless chic,” and we will never admit how much of our time is spent trawling through her Instagram feed.

Authenticity lies at the heart of everything the Parisian beauty does. There’s no denying we’re a generation predicated on projecting our best lives online, often too preoccupied with how our lives are perceived by random people on the internet to actually enjoy it, but Sabina? As enviable as her social media presence is, you always get the sense that she’s keeping it real. Case in point: nonchalantly admitting to having an on-again, off-again relationship with exercise, only recently starting to properly take care of her skin, and forgetting to wash her makeup off if she’s had a couple of drinks too many. This is not hugely shocking or revelatory information—in fact we’ve been ~guilty~ of all of those things ourselves on (way more than) one occasion—but it’s a welcome respite from the impossible lifestyle standards that are plastered all over our news feeds every day.

Sabina’s warm and open online presence is certainly not formulaic. “I’m a regular human—I’m not always positive in my everyday life,” she assures us when we ask how she stays so bubbly on a seemingly daily basis. “Sometimes you just feel down, but I do like to use Instagram to spread carefree and more light stuff.” When she’s not lighting up our feeds, the former L’Officiel Social Editor and current freelance columnist is hanging out on your favourite websites—Who What Wear, Into The Gloss, Man Repeller—offering up pearls of wisdom on everything from French girl style to tricking the world into thinking you’re tall via the way you dress (from one vertically-challenged sister to another, thank you, from the bottom of my heart).

Call it shameless voyeurism, but never have we ever been so excited to go #BTS of someone’s life before. Outside of soaking up her chic apartment and its beautiful furnishings, we picked Sabina’s brain on things like the French girl beauty myth and what she puts on that heavenly, Brigitte Bardot-esque face on a daily basis. Take it away, angel!

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Jean Picon.

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