Let’s be real, nothing gets us quite as enthused about red carpet style like a woman who can add her own signature touch to celebrity dressing, rather than being just another cog in the “red-carpet-stylist” machine. Romy Frydman’s thoughtful approach to dressing has entrenched her firmly in the little black books of some of our most captivating faces, read: Miranda Kerr, Sarah Murdoch and Teresa Palmer. And after over a decade of making a living not only in clothes-horsing such celestial beings (she’s also an accomplished photographer) you’d think perhaps the gloss would wear off that constant stream of daily unfiltered beauty, but think again. “I recently photographed Gemma Ward and nearly cried because she looked so beautiful from behind the lens, she has an innate style.”

Before fashion bloggers became synonymous with front row real estate, Romy Frydman was sinking her teeth in the digital stylescape, dispersing ethereally beautiful black and white photographs – personally styled and captured – via her eponymous website cum immaculate online portfolio, StyleMeRomy.

Visiting Frydman’s Sydney home is like setting foot into an astutely considered hotel sanctuary – the kind where every piece looks perfectly placed and yet collectively appears in a curated disharmony that just … works (think the old-world charm of Chateau Marmont melding with the freshly chic Hotel Du Cap). And that’s no happy accident. “My style is very modern I feel like I live in a hotel room so I try to make my furniture and trinkets around the house a little eclectic. So it ALL clashes.”

The aesthetic MO of StyleMeRomy is defined by raw, moodily-tinted beauty and a subtle, natural sexiness that is the very definition of Frydman’s own oeuvre. And to be honest? It’s the kind of sartorial spirit that has you considering the more time you may spend with her, the more likely a little bit of that, well, that uncomplicated cool might just rub off on you. “I try to look effortless and classic with a touch of sexy. My favourite designer is Nicolas Ghesquiere, the saddest day was when he went to Louis Vuitton  – I can’t afford a thing!” Her appreciation of clothes makes Frydman the ultimate collector of fashion, also high on her rotation: Saint Laurent, Prada and Gucci mixed in with local favourites like ELLERY & Lover. When it comes to lifestyle situation envy, Frydman’s basically got you hook, line and sinker, but don’t be fooled, it’s not all Rousteing and red carpets, Frydman attributes plain old blood sweat and tears to climbing to the peak of Australia’s fashion pinnacle, her advice: get ready to werk. “It’s way harder than it looks and not at all that glamorous, but if you’re into hard work then my advice to apsiring stylists is by all means go for it. Resilience is also a good quality to have in this industry.” Preach sister, we’re all ears.

Photographed by Rudy Zverina

Words by Anna McLeod.

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