Ok, so we’re the first to admit, we bang on quite a lot about stuff we love, from the best little-known fragrances to the best multi-purpose exfoliators, or the products to use to get next day hair. But look, it’s all totally legit – we trial and test everything and we only feature the stuff worth bragging about.

A category we don’t get overly excited about very often is eyeshadow. Why? We don’t wear it very much. Why? Because it’s often put in the CBF’ed basket we all know too well when it comes to morning routines and make-up.

It’s pretty darn inevitable that at least once in your life you’ve gone to experiment with a different ‘look’ including a dark smokey eye and nude lip, that ended up being way too high maintenance.  And after about 26 Q-tips later, and half a bottle of make-up remover, you aborted both the mission, and any future desire to every wear eye shadow ever again.

So when this little pot of 5-star goodness found itself on our eyelids, we were thrown into a rare – and totally pathetic – girly spin. A product that has turned us around in the eye make-up game: The RMS cream eyeshadow in ‘Myth’.

This stuff is the business. RMS, a.k.a the purveyors of some of our favourite organic make-up products have done it again and created this wet-look eyeshadow that is insanely good. An awesome, sheer, semi wet-look neutral eye shadow that can only be described as bloody life changing. We wear it for day, for night, on Saturdays for god’s sake.

And, it’s multi-purpose, so you can also use it as a blush, an illuminator and a highlighter, which always gets our tick of approval.

We don’t want to say that you’d be crazy if you didn’t buy it, but seriously, you’d be crazy.