Something in the air has got us feeling all nostalgic. Maybe it’s the resurgence of our childhood overalls (side note – these ones are killer), colouring books for adults (who’ve never really grown up = us), or just everything 90’s.

And in the make-up department it’s no different. For years, we’ve been like, “can someone basically just paint-by-numbers our face?”. And then, like some sort of magic manifestation it arrived, this little face palette.

Containing bronzer, blush, subtle eye shadow and highlighter, each product is numbered, with steps listed on the back, so it’s goddamn foolproof. Hallelujah.

The colours are v v neutral, and the fail safe nature of this palette means you can pull together a look in less than 5 minutes. And seriously, we tested it because it’s got loads of press for being the “5 minute face on the-go” and it lived up to the hype.

Simple, and great.

Get it here.