If you’ve spotted an Australian woman with ridiculously cool hair lately… or actually any time in the last three decades, there’s an excellent chance she goes to Renya Xydis. Cate does. Nicole does. Miranda does. Everyone does.

In fact, while Renya’s three salons (Valonz, Salon X and Renya Xydis Salon) are located in Sydney, her reputation stretches way beyond Aussie shores. She’s clocked up serious miles on constant trips to London, New York and Paris to style runway shows and editorials and when we arrived at her home in Sydney it’s no different – she’s prepping for a trip to LA & the Paris shows.

So naturally we wanted to get involved in her wardrobe & her beauty gear before anything was packed away. The first thing we spot is her pair of Stella McCartney beige platform oxfords (jealous, us? Never) and it just got better from there. Gucci pumps, Chloe blouses, Isabel Marant pants and vintage Chanel. Her style is tough edged glamour, and she pulls it off like no-one else. Her current favourites –acquired by her husband Jim on a recent trip to Paris – a silk Givenchy dress and a pair of Dior boots. Jim already sounds awesome.

Now someone with a world famous hairdressing empire might sound intimidating, however meeting her is anything but. You know that friend you hang out with that leaves you positive and energized and inspired? That’s Renya. In fact if you wanted to bring a party to life and had the choice of either spiking the punch or bringing Renya, you’d bring Renya. She’s got this warm current of eccentricity that runs through everything she does and with her flamingo pink hair, and flawless skin, there’s an ageless energy to her that’s totally magnetic. She’s cheeky, playful yet deeply maternal and is as well known for nurturing the talents of her 60-strong styling team as she is for her own inimitable portfolio.

And it’s not just her energy that’s youthful. When you take stock of her accomplishments, and then look at her face, you have to wonder if the woman owns a time machine. Her secret? A high antioxidant diet, (she’s a sucker for blueberries) hydration, and regular appointments with Melanie Grant at The Clinic in Double Bay “for specific skin treatments, facials and massages”. She also has a stash of SKII Facial Masks which she uses “about once every two weeks, especially when I travel.”

While her clients and coworkers are constant muses – “they are in the thick of everything and are some of the most watched people in the world” – her method of staying abreast of things is surprisingly accessible. “Instagram is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I love it because I can see what is trending all over the world as it happens.”

“I am very lucky and I love my job. I take inspiration from everyone and everything around me and like to have fun with it!”

It’s hard to ask Renya “What’s next?” as she’s the sort of woman who’s proven that anything is possible. But her future has one absolute certainty, “spending time with my two sons and husband is everything to me”, and another distinct possibility on: “I think next I would love to dye my hair emerald green… you will have to wait and see!”

Photography by Rudy Zverina.



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