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Veronika Heilbrunner Co-Founder of hey woman!

You know that moment when you realise you’re about to meet your biggest style muse and all of a sudden you feel like an awkward teen at a high school dance? No? Just us? Ok cool. Is there even still such a thing as a “high school dance”? What with the internet and everything?
Anyway, we had one of those moments recently and it involved one of our long-time style muses, Veronika Heilbrunner.

The model turned stylist turned editor calls Berlin home and runs hey woman! with her friend and fellow cool girl Julia Knolle. Heilbrunner’s boyfriend is Justin O’Shea, formerly of and Brioni, and forever the go-to street style icon for men everywhere. Basically, if fashion had a coolest couple award, they would win.

So let’s examine why exactly Veronika Heilbrunner is taking up 80% of our Pinterest feed and topping pretty much everyone’s list of style crushes. Is it her ability to throw on an Erdem dress with a pair of Converse like it’s no big deal?  Or the way she can rock a Christopher Kane dress with Nike Air Force 1 like it’s just whatevs? The fact is, we’ve never seen her not killin’ it.

To get closer, we formulated a plan. Step 1: Find out when she is next planning to do spring-cleaning. Step 2: Camp out at her local goodwill. Step 3: Wait. Step 4: Give our wardrobe a once in a lifetime update and subsequently become a street style star of our very own. Life complete. Goals achieved. Not weird at all. Not one bit.

We soon realised that this plan was very creepy and possibly indicative of some low-level non-threatening mental health issues, so instead we decided to just crash her hotel room during New York Fashion Week and let her reveal all her style secrets. Even more stunning in real life, if that’s possible, Heilbrunner is open as she is generous, not only giving us her best beauty tips, but all the insider info on the best spots to go to in Berlin.

Let’s just say Veronika Heilbrunner knows how to live. Spas, the great outdoors, pugs, croissants – what more could you want? Except her entire wardrobe. And her eyebrows. Apart from that we’re good. Not envious at all. Nope. Not us. Not one bit.

Shot by Soraya Zaman, words by Emily Royal.

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