If there are only four pairs of limited edition Balenciaga Ice Crystals in the country, of course Pip Edwards it going to own one of them. With Pip, it’s all about the shoes. The shoes and the hair. And with a closet not to be rivaled, we couldn’t wait to let loose inside the Bondi home she shares with her eight year old son Justice.

Pip Edwards is the sort of woman that doesn’t just follow trends, she starts them.  And she has the track record to prove it. As Design Director of General Pants, and boasting brands like Ksubi and sass & bide on her resume, fashion leaks from her pores. We’ve been following her style for the most part of the last decade; she’s become just as iconic for this as she has for that hairstyle.

What we didn’t expect, though, is that Pip Edwards would be a complete and utter product junkie. With her tomboy style, we assumed her beauty routine would be equally low-fi, but nothing could have prepared us for the sheer volume of beauty products found in her bathroom – “I’m willing to try any product and don’t rule out anything – I just love all product.” With bottles literally spilling out of the shelves, we think we might have found our new beauty oracle!

But let’s talk about the hair. Not many people can claim having a hairstyle named after them. ‘The Pip’ started the balayage craze down under and is almost the Australian equivalent of the ‘The Rachel’, spurring replica styles around the country. So how did it come about? “The Pip was a complete and utter mistake. I always had my blonde foils to the roots until I fell pregnant and I listened to those rumours about not dying your hair. So my roots came through and then I became lazy… and then it became my thing.” And quite the thing it is. Part disheveled, part done, if her hair is a mistake, we should make them more often. Like a woman after our own heart, she has two essential hair products: “dry shampoo is a must!!!!! Morrocan oil is everything!!!!!” We couldn’t agree more.

Pip’s beauty routine is like cheese, fine wine and Kate Moss, it just gets better with age. “I was so ignorant and didn’t care when I was younger,” she confesses. “I think with age you start to see the impact of your youth, you start to care, and now I really enjoy caring about my routine. Its fun to do masks, its fun to try-out and test different moisturisers and products – there is so much choice out there. It’s great to experiment with what works specifically with your skin. I spend a lot of time in the sun, I love being tanned, so my routine is even more important in addition to becoming of age.” Amen to that.

We’d be crazy to visit Pips house and not take the chance to rifle through her incredible shoe collection. It would be like eating at Fat Duck and then skipping dessert, “I have a crazy back catalogue of heels, but now I’m a full trainer girl. Loving my Chanels and my Nike Air Maxes. But I still have a flame for my Balmain and Balenciaga heel collection”.

Whether it’s in sneakers or heels, Pip is impossibly fun to be around. We could hang-out in her closet any day. Even on our own. Is that weird? Asked for some parting wise words, Pip is quick to reply.

“You’ve got to love the skin you live in, and I never used to pay attention to that. When you see results, you then understand the thought put into beauty is the same as the thought put in to your outfits.” Having seen the enormity of both wardrobe and beauty cabinet, it suddenly all makes sense. Maximum effort for a minimal look. We leave brightened, enlightened and just a little envious. Alright.  Maybe more that just a little…

Photographed by Rudy Zverina

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