If you haven’t yet been introduced to Pia Arrobio, it’s high time you were. The straight-talking, ultra-talented woman is the founder and creative director behind your favourite label, LPA. Chatting with her provides the same kind of comfort and sense of mutual understanding that talking to your best girlfriends over a mid-week wine does. Basically, if you spend the entire time reading her quotes nodding enthusiastically and sharing a LOL with yourself, know that you aren’t alone.

Pia is in the business of self-awareness and embracing your vulnerable side. Like any modern woman navigating societal expectations—and those that we impose on ourselves as a result—the ray of sunshine has had her fair share of anxieties and jealousies, further exacerbated by being “on [her] phone all the time.” Over the years, she’s learned to mitigate this with a bit of (gentle) self-imposed discipline: taking time for herself, meditating, limiting her phone use, and most importantly, going “to fucking hot yoga every morning.” Lifting other women up and refusing to indulge in extraneous gossip has also enabled her to focus her energy on the things that matter: her work, her personal relationships, and becoming our favourite person on Instagram. You know, the important stuff.

Far from what it presents itself as (an accurate snapshot into people’s lives), Instagram has become a place for people to present highly curated, near-fictitious versions of their worlds. If we were to take Instagram’s word for it, everyone would be wooting around Europe each summer on a yacht drinking spritzes, or out at the coolest bars drinking $20 cocktails every single night of the week. Feeling “meh” wouldn’t be a thing. Pia’s Instagram is awe-inspiring, don’t get us wrong (TBH, that’s what we wished living our best lives looked like), but she’s also not afraid to keep it real. That’s why we, and her legion of fans, love her.

Outside of creating clothes that make women feel good in their skin and promoting positive vibes, the smart babe’s skincare routine would #inspire even the most devout beauty fan. If you’ve been hit by the nasty hand of hormonal adult acne, it’s of especial importance that you jot down some notes. But why am I still here telling you all this? Pour yourself a glass of wine, buckle into your couch, and read on for some invaluable wisdom from one of the coolest women in the game.

Interview, Carlie Fowler. Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Maggie Shannon.

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