Here’s something you know will work; take one Australian creative director, ask her to create a luxurious collection of bespoke candles, send her to Paris to shoot the best damn campaign you ever did see. THE FILE dream girl? You bet. This is the story of Nadia Rosa.

If you don’t know her name (you probably should, but if that’s not the case, read on), you would recognise her work. The Co-Founder of Maison D’Amore (the luxury candle brand you’ve seen in the homes and on the shelves of many a profile here on THE FILE), and Director of Co.Creative agency, you could say she knows a thing or two about being a boss lady.

We’re also guessing you may have stumbled across her Instagram account at one time or another, but for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure – if you’re into that cool girl aesthetic (hint, us), it really is a pleasure – but basically her life is our dream situation. We can’t get enough.

And you can bet that Nadia Rosa has a wardrobe that is every bit as awesome as her aesthetic. We’re talking major outfit goals. We’re just a tiny little bit envious. Think Chanel Boy Bags, Realization par everything, Gucci fur slides, Gucci handbags and all the things you wish you bought that are still sitting in your shopping cart. Basically, a five-star applause is in order because we fully appreciate, and there’s no end to the laws we’d break to get our hands on her wardrobe. Kidding. Sort of.

Words by Carlie Fowler.

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