Coco Chanel’s sage words about shedding one accessory every time you leave the house clearly predate the birth of Merrel Westhoff’s jewellery line. In case you missed it, the French godmother of fashion famously said, “once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off,” and in the event you’re unfamiliar with Merrel’s remarkable jewellery collection, Monocrafft comprises of fine, minimalist pieces that are made to be stacked. In this particular case, it’s advised that before stepping out of your crib, you find another Monocrafft ring to adorn your finger, or another necklace to layer around your neck. More is definitely more.

That’s not to say each beautiful piece from her line doesn’t stand out on its own, something that made itself evident as she showed us around her home/workspace in Rotterdam this week, which showcases some of her most incredible creations. Merrel’s delicate jewellery was created, in part, because of a perceived lack of good quality minimalistic jewellery on offer. At the risk of oversimplifying her approach to design, she creates the kind of stuff she herself would want to wear, and anything that’s good enough for her is beyond good enough for us.

Her home definitely hints at someone with a superior sense of style, and good taste. Take, for example, her beauty cabinet, a line-up of every cult product on the market. Or her living room, which sees the most coveted of all couches, the chesterfield, take front and centre, surrounded by all your fave coffee table books, candles, and plants. And, let’s just say, our endless quest to find the perfect leather jacket ended when we took a look inside her wardrobe.

Aside from being a delicate jewellery aficionado, Merrel Westhoff is one of life’s true beauties. And that doesn’t just apply to the model-turned-designer’s insanely good looks, but also her work ethic, openness, warmth, and refreshing down-to-earth attitude. We hung out with the chill soul in her Rotterdam home to chat through her skincare routine, what’s most important to her in life, and the women she looks up to. Get acquainted!

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Jennifer Kunes.

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