There’s a fine line between looking good and not looking like you’ve tried, and looking good, but looking like you’re hard work, and eyeliner often makes us feel like we’re verging on the latter.

Liquids and gels are good in the PM, but who has the time or patience for pots and paint brushes in the morning? Call us lazy, but we can’t be bothered doing a full eye in the morning, so we wanted to find an alternative that is quick and easy to apply, defines the eye without being too obvious and stays-put all day.

Enter: Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pencil a.k.a. an eyeliner-phobic’s best friend because it makes your eyes pop without looking like you’re wearing a scrap of make-up… and required skills = zero.

Here’s how to use it to your best advantage in one minute or less.

By Carmen Hamilton.