Who knows how we end up doing what we do for a living? Sometimes it’s a conscious choice we make and actively urge it into being. Sometimes fate intervenes and leads you to a career you didn’t necessarily anticipate. Sometimes, as in the case of Louise Roe, it’s a matter of taking a step out of your comfort zone and just finding a whole new zone that you’re perfect for.

It might be hard to pinpoint from exactly where it is you recognise Louise Roe – and that’s more than likely because she’s worked so much that her presence in style and beauty is prolific.

She’s not only the kind of always-gorgeous woman you see looking drop dead Pinterest-worthy on red carpets and at events (which she is) but she’s made a hugely successful career working in front of the camera as the host of TV series like MTV’s Plain Jane (a compulsively watchable makeover show), a guest stint on Chelsea Handler’s joyously biting brainchild Chelsea Lately, and more recently covering the crème de la crème of red carpet events as a host for Access Hollywood.

Think: Jolie-Pitt level affairs like The Emmys, Oscars and the rest.

Louise, who is now based in Los Angeles for obvious occupational requirements, is British born. But the LA aesthetic seems to suit her well. “I like mixing tailored pieces with casual ones – and I love soft, neutral colours. That kind of high-low dressing seems to suit living in LA well!”

With literary fashion aspirations after completing an English Literature with First Class Honours, she kicked off her foray into writing at Vogue in London, followed by work for ELLE UK, In Style and more. It wasn’t until much later she ended up on TV.

“I was writing for a magazine in London, and one day I got asked to go on BBC news for a live segment. I was so nervous I was shaking. But I enjoyed it, and that lead to more shows, and suddenly I had the opportunity to move to LA. So I gave it a go!”

Fittingly, Louise told us her words to live by are: “Never expect anything. My grandpa said that, and it rings true, especially in a city like LA where people often expect a lot more than they should.”

“It’s nice to keep an almost child-like excitement about all the good things that happen, if possible, and not become jaded.”

The vibe of her punnily titled style and beauty website Front Roe reflects that accessible lack of jadedness. And, for a woman with her profile and experience, it’s incredibly refreshing.

Words by Suz Tucker.

Photography by Adam Amengual.

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