Today we’re making the case for liquid liner.


Because it’s like the cherry on top of an all-back outfit, and makes a pretty good partner in crime for a leather biker jacket. Basically, it’s the accessory you can keep up your sleeve for those times when you need to take your outfit from A to B with next to no effort.

We keep one in our handbags, incase one thing leads to another and we’re looking a little underdone. Think afternoon-drinks-turned-dinner, or dinner-turned-5am-deep-dancefloor.

We’re not going to lie – black ink and felt-tip pens are something we happily left back in high school. Going anywhere near your eye with one is definitely daunting, and actually knowing where to start (and finish) to find the most flattering style for your eye shape can be like trying to solve a rubix cube – perpetually frustrating.

But never fear, THE FILE is here, and we’re going to show you how it’s done.

By Carmen Hamilton.