Full disclosure, we love a Fashion Editor. They have the inside line on everything, they can spot a trend a mile away, their beauty cabinet is usually full of the best and they have a wardrobe you’d sell a kidney for. Surrounded by style, it’s as if a Fashion Editor absorbs cool by osmosis and by far our favourite among them is Sunday Style’s Kelly Hume.  Sharp and witty as she is painstakingly stylish, hanging out at her Elizabeth bay apartment in Sydney’s east is as much fun as we’ve had on a shoot.

There’s a real honesty about Kelly Hume. You know those friends who tell it like it is? Who say shit that no one else says but that everyone is thinking? Kelly’s a bit like that. She’s hilarious, warm, occasionally inappropriate but always real. And that realness is reflected in her beauty routine.

“I’ve always subscribed to a very natural idea of beauty. A rawness and acceptance of what it is one actually looks like without a lot of makeup, retouching and botox. Having said that, I do tint my eyelashes and eyebrows as I’m incredibly fair”.

It’s that fair skin, green eyes and red hair that make for a killer combination, and it only adds to Kelly’s uniqueness.  We’ve read somewhere that in a few hundreds years scientists believe that redheads will face extinction due to climate change or a recessive gene or something. Well we call bullshit. Look around. Jessica Chastain, Florence Welch, Karen Elson. If anything, they look set to become the new master race.

“As a red head, my mum told me that chocolates and taupes would work best on my face and to steer clear of black and I still follow her advice to this day. My style is fairly 90’s and classic with a garçon twist I guess. I wear a lot of denim and Bretons, masculine button downs, tailoring with neat sweaters and short dresses with flats when I am on duty. Off duty, it can become somewhat more bohemian.”

And her beauty style is just as classic, “I love Dermalogica’s Daily Micro Exfoliant, Shu Uemera cleansing facial oil as it really does remove all traces of makeup, and OPI’s ‘Big Apple Red’ nail colour for hands and feet. Payot cold cream is the ONLY daily moisturiser I have found that keeps my forehead from flaking.”

Her fiancé has just moved in to her apartment so sharing shelf space has become a reality, but it’s not without its perks…

“He’s pretty good with keeping to his allocated shelf in the beauty cabinet so I can’t complain. He will kill me for saying this but he has quite a little manscaping routine going on. His caffeine stick for under the eyes is my favourite, I’ve been known to use that after a late night and a few too many wines!”

You can imagine a late night out with Kelly after a few too many wines would be an absolute riot, the kind when you wake up with sore abs from laughing so much, or from some sort of impromptu handstand competition. There’s a real joy to her outlook on life, mixed with this uncompromising belief that honesty is king; “Be authentic” she says when we ask her for one parting piece of advice. It’s clearly something she lives by. With Kelly, what you see is what you get. Except for the eyebrows….


Photographed by Rudy Zverina

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