Jenné Lombardo has a sprawling New York loft that is much like a metaphor for her life. Eclectic, full of intrigue and a little bit wild, but somehow it all totally works. Situated smack bang in the middle of frenetic SoHo, walking out of the elevator into her penthouse is like finding an oasis in the desert.

With good reason. Not only is she co-founder and driving force behind MADE Fashion Week, Milk Studios’ NYFW partnership, she also runs her own consulting company, Terminal Presents on top of raising three beautiful kids.

Her CV reads like a fashion girl’s dream; starting at Interview mag, she quickly moved on to be head of Fashion Talent and Events at MAC Cosmetics. Shortly after she initiated the MAC & Milk program during New York Fashion Week, and from there built MADE Fashion Week, giving a platform to designers like Alexander Wang, Proenzer Schouler, and Rodarte. Boom. Did we also mention she’s worked with Lady Gaga and consults to the Playboy Mansion? All in a day’s work.

There’s something intangible about Jenné Lombardo that captivates you. It’s not just her edge, or her style, she has a certain je ne sais quoi that draws you in. Her look is sort of boy meets girl with a tough edge, giving her a commanding strength, yet when she speaks, she is soft, kind, feminine and above all honest.

And when it comes to her beauty routine, she is equally as candid. One thing she is adamant about is using natural products as much as possible, “I take good care of my skin, so it’s important to me,” she insists. Local label Tata Harper fits the bill and is an everyday product. Like any good honorary Aussie, she is also a big Lucas Paw Paw lover, “I have one in every purse!”

We also want to talk hair, because Lombardo has the best. hair. ever. “I don’t even know how to do my own hair anymore!” laughs Lombardo. She reveals she gets a blow dry once a week in the comfort of her own home. “Klorane is just good to extend the blow out.” Girl after our own heart.

A dream stack of fragrances sits elegantly on a silver shelf in her bathroom. “I love the old school classic Chanels…I like to smell like an old lady!” Frederic Mallé is also on high rotation, as is Tom Ford.

In one slick moment she changes from a long flowing bohemian skirt to a set of old overalls, never missing a beat in the conversation. It’s this kind of stamina and energy that keeps you young in an industry as crazy as ours. And while we could have sat around all day shooting the breeze, Lombardo has meetings to take part in, lunch to attend, and children that need collecting from school. It’s just another day in the life…

Photographed by Bec Lorrimer.

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