Los Angeles-based Jamie Baratta is a walking inspirational quote. Not in an annoying or preachy way by any means, but in a way that encourages us to get out there and start living our best lives. Instead of the fusty career counsellors who presented us with a very finite list of career choices growing up, we wish we’d had a mentor like Jamie, whose personal brand is marked by hard work, determination, and limitless scope. While studying a B.A. in cultural anthropology and Africana studies at NYU, she explored her interests in fashion and music by interning at Ralph Lauren and Def Jam, and, after graduating, moved on to earn a J.D. from Loyola Law School. Impressive, much?

Now, she combines all of her passions and aptitudes working as an entertainment attorney in L.A., inspiring the rest of us to explore and nurture every last thing that makes our hearts beat a little faster. But our awe doesn’t end there. In her ~spare time~, the smart angel is hanging out over at The IV Wave, which she co-founded with writer and actress, Mirtha Michelle. For the uninitiated, The IV Wave is a platform that aims to “inspire, inform, empower, and celebrate the Woman of Today by bringing to light topics that affect women universally.” Across social media, their website, and a recently launched podcast, they both celebrate women and challenge society’s expectations of what a woman should be. No topic is off-limits—careers, sex, relationships, personal life—and, as such, they’ve created a truly authentic and informative corner of the internet, growing a legion of fans along the way.

Aside from chasing down the titanic goals she’s set out for herself in life, Jamie is well-versed in the beauty game, as was evidenced that time we hung out in her delightful apartment. How she actually has time for a beauty ritual with such a packed schedule is beyond us, but, as Jamie says, we are in “a time of renaissance, where anything is possible,” and she is living, breathing proof that with hard work, focus, and integrity, this can 100% be true. Be your most inspired self by taking a virtual wander through her minimalist house and jotting down some of the wise things she has to say along the way.

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Kat Page.

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