Ok, so we know it’s all been about skin lately, but we’re starting to turn a corner. The eyes are where it’s at, people. Just ask Carine Roitfeld: the woman knows how to work a statement eye and bare skin like nobody’s business – and we’re following suit.

The eyes are a window to the soul, remember, so why not make them count?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still less-is-more kind of girls when it comes to makeup, but there’s no denying that a thick set of lashes can be your best accessory. When it comes to eye makeup, they’re the main event – they make you look more awake and bring your face to life instantly. Oh, and did we mention they’re awesome date-night arsenal?

But shopping for mascara can be like hunting down the perfect pair of black cropped jeans. Impossible. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got an old Diptyque candle jar full of dried-up, average mascaras stashed-away in your bathroom cabinet because, well, letting go can be tough.

We struggle to find one that does it all. In the AM, we want a bit of definition with absolutely zero clumps (so it looks like we’ve gone sans-mascara, but better), but when we’ve made plans in the PM, we like to turn it up (go hard or go home).

I guess you could say we want the best of both worlds, and guess what? We’ve found it. In a revolutionary little lash primer.

Estée Lauder’s Little Black Primer is where it’s at. This is what’s next in lashes. If you’ve ever used a lash primer before, you’ll know how great they are, but traditionally you can’t use them on their own as they’re a white formula. Little Black Primer changes that with it’s tinted black formula, so it’s the ultimate all-rounder. We wear it during the day as a conditioning lash tint, as a primer before regular mascara to minimise clumping and smudging, and as a topcoat, post-mascara to set everything in place and give our lashes an extra boost.

We’re totally convinced – this stuff’s the secret to batting above your average.

Scroll through images to for our guide to taking your lashes from day to night in a few simple swipes.