Hands down, the best part of our job is learning about industry-approved beauty hacks to make up for our poor life choices. So, when we started hearing about the eye-opening effects of tightlining, we were all ears…err…eyes. Whatever.

“Srsly WTF is tightlining?” we hear you say. Well, we’ll tell you: God’s gift to a hang over.

Let us give you the low down. Think about the last time you woke up with puffy, hooded eyes courtesy of a night spent cosying up to a never-ending inbox of unread emails, a post-midnight Netflix binge-a-thon or a few too many glasses of malbec with dinner. To avoid the old, “Omg babe you look tired. You okay?” the morning after, tightlining is the make-up equivalent of a double-shot espresso. It’s a quick, barely noticeable application of eyeliner that instantly opens up your eyes without looking like you’re trying to hide something. E.g. aforementioned poor life choices.

Here’s the scoop: Tighlining works with the natural dark areas at the base of your lashes so it looks like you’re not wearing liner (but still makes your peepers pop).

It a tricky technique but once you get the hang of it it’s all G. Make sure the pencil you use is waterproof so it sticks.

Click through the images to see how it’s done.