You know what we love? When we find out one of the best things we can add to our beauty arsenal is right in our kitchen cupboard. Think coconut oil, Manuka honey, brown sugar, lemon—all the usual suspects. This week, it’s all about olive oil. We already knew it was good for our skin and hair. It’s a master at make-up removal, a gentle moisturiser, and a nourishing treatment for hair… but it gets better.

Let us give you the back story.

Recently, we met a girl with the most incredible eyelashes we’d ever seen, immediately deciding they weren’t real (denial is the natural survival instinct of our self esteem). Scroll through Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Instagram feed, and you’ll know what we mean. (“She Photoshops every photo… right? Right? Riiiggghhhtttt?” Wrong, unfortunately for all of us.)

Back to the eyelashes. We couldn’t stop looking. They were too good, so… we asked. We couldn’t help ourselves (#noshame). Turns out, it’s not about mascara, extensions or anything that involves weird glue and too much patience, but good old olive oil. She told us she’d been putting it on her lashes every night before bed for three months and they’d since doubled in thickness and length (wait, what?!), so we got her to tell us the how, when, and what, because, like, we want in on that. Now. Read on below.