By now, Venice Beach’s place as a breeding ground for well-dressed young creatives, artists, designers, models and stylists is well cemented. After all, when it’s sunshine all year round, you live a block away from Nick Fouquet (in your Californian bungalow), and every second person is rocking a pair of vintage 505s, your style game better be strong. So what exactly do you do when you find yourself amongst this hyper creative, relaxed, effortlessly cool crowd of VB? Shop, duh. And who do we consult? None other than the queen of effortless cool and laid back Californian style, Hannah Henderson, co-owner of General Store, Venice Beach.

A total babe with a penchant for vintage denim and bohemian blouses and dresses, one look at Hannah’s instagram account and you can’t help but feel a bit of wanderlust. It’s all palm trees, cool breeze and vintage tees, making us think it might be time to sell everything we own and move to the West Coast. But then we remember we’ve spent most of our money on shoes.

Located on Lincoln, General store is a natural extension of Hannah’s aesthetic and style. A beautifully hand picked and curated mix of art, design and interiors from some of the most magical and talented creators in the community. It’s like getting the chance to stroll through Henderson’s home and instead of just admiring all the cool shit, this time you get to buy it.

“I remember driving down the main street in my neighbourhood, and just knowing that it belonged here. I knew our community would love and support it, and I would love doing it.” And you can feel that from the moment you walk in. Not only do you fall in love with everything you see, you just know every single piece from the ceramics to the handmade Espadrilles have been chosen with love. There’s beauty in that very idea.

The entire store, just like Hannah Henderson herself, has that deliciously laid back Californian vibe. Simple and effortless, as is her beauty motto; “messy hair, clean skin.”

In many ways her approach to beauty is constantly evolving, yet always considered, “I’m reading The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and it has left me trying to reconcile my own desire to feel good and confident about my appearance, with my natural feminist understanding of how much more we, as women could accomplish if we weren’t hung up on being beautiful”.

“I take care of myself by thinking about what I put in and on my body, and doing things that make me happy. I try not to focus on physical beauty, real beauty is felt, not seen.”

And there we were thinking we couldn’t love her anymore.

Words, Carlie Fowler. Pictures, Adam Amengual. Production, Jade Skelly and Phoebe Youl.

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