When this mascara showed up on our desks with its round spiky brush we were, um, a little confused (kind of like, what the eff? I’m supposed to put this near my eye?!). But believe us when we say there’s more to this mascara than pretty packaging and a fancy brush.

It’s designed to get all up in your lashes, and that’s exactly what it does. Long story short, Givenchy’s make-up director Nicolas Degennes got sick of cutting mascara brushes down backstage so he could get right into the corners of the models’ lashes, so he decided to do something about it. Enter… Phenomen’eyes Mascara.

The small ball shape kind of coats your lashes from every angle (without poking your eye out, because tears + mascara never ends well), and the short bristles slip right between the roots, making them look ultra thick. Seriously, we look like we have twice the lashes when we’re wearing it, even if we don’t put any on the ends.

But, it’s Friday, and if your approach is ‘go hard or go home’, we feel you. You can totally do that, too. The colour is an intense black, but this mascara is also smudge-proof (tick), so we’ve been swiping it back and forth along the tips of our lashes (yes, sideways) and after a couple of coats we’re pretty much #ballin (literally).

Get it here.

By Carmen Hamilton.