One of the greatest things about the advent of the internet, for us, was the introduction of more ~real life~ style into our lives. From the first girls to rise to prominence — Susie Lau, Leandra Medine, Rumi Neely, Mira Duma, and Hanneli, among them — to the crop of young bloggers making their start today, the internet has provided us with more style “influencers” than hot dinners. A #blessed thing, considering that our proclivity for lurking the web is as strong as our yearning for a good ol’ fashioned home-cooked dinner in the dead of winter.

The spike in our wardrobe-induced FOMO can be directly linked to the swathe of inspo at our fingertips. Our eyeballs are constantly bombarded with reminders — across the blogosphere, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook — that our modest wardrobes could do with one more leather jacket, a LV handbag or two, seven more knits, another shelf stacked with denim. You get the idea — it’s never-ending. And there are very few wardrobes that we’d like to steal more than Elle Ferguson’s of They All Hate Us.

Remember that scene in Sex And The City when Mr. Big built Carrie that outta-this-world walk-in-wardrobe and we all *gasped* into our green teas and wiped tiny solitary tears from our best friends’ eyes, before calmly rationalising that this was Hollywood, and such luxurious wardrobes didn’t exist in real life? Well, the joke’s on us, folks. They do exist, and we have the proof. When we walked into Elle’s Bondi Beach apartment, we made a B line straight to her wardrobe. It’s one of the most enviable wardrobes we’ve ever had the pleasure of snooping around in — believe us, we’ve been in our fair share — in terms of both its content, and the layout of the wardrobe itself. From Balmain blazers and Balenciaga bikers, to every single shoe we wished we’d bought over the past few seasons (before we remembered we had to pay rent, that is), it was all there. Her denim empire put our trusty rotation of two pairs of Levi’s to shame. Despite the high volume of amazingness, it was all carefully and artfully put together. Heaven.

Outside of her dream closet, and the #flawless steez and insane work ethic that’s earned her upwards of 600K Instagram followers, Elle is also a beauty girl through and through. After we scooped our jaws up off the floor, we took some time out to chat to her about her well-informed beauty and skincare regime, the nuggets of beauty-related wisdom her beautiful mum passed down to her, how she stays in shape, and what’s most important to her in life. Thanks for having us Elle! Make sure to hit us up the next time you feel like doing a spring clean ;).

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Ana Tañedo.

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