Hi! I’m Lydia from Australia, writing to you from Mount Washington, Los Angeles. I work as a model but I’m going to go ahead and describe my approach to my image as ~experimental~. I’ve had some not so hot hair cuts, colours, tattoos, spray tans and nails, all of which I can attribute to some kind of personal growth (on a very small scale).

Modeling aside, I’ve worked for sustainable fashion startups within the marketing realm, co-founded an ethical online marketplace, studied CX design and dabbled in sustainable building.

Growing up in a tiny coastal town taught me a lot about the value of simplicity and the fulfillment found in nature. In fact, the ocean was and still is, my favourite day spa. Having combination skin I adjust my routine to the condition of my skin on any given day/week, and I just love trialing new products.

Avéne Embryolisse Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

So many makeup artists have used this on my skin that I knew I just had to purchase one for myself. I always know my base will look good, especially if I prep my skin with this because it goes so well under luminous foundations. I keep it on hand to use as soon as I take my make-up off too – my advice is that with this, a little goes a long way. My favourite lightweight foundation is for sure the Laura Mercier BB Cream, mixed with a drop of Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (a couple of products I also learned about on set). That you, MUAs!


French Girl Rose Lip Polish

My step mum gave me this as a gift for Christmas a year ago (Hi, Suzanne!). I’m not particularly prone to chapped lips but I like that it wakes my lips up in the morning. Plus the oil acts as an illuminator-and-balm-in-one. I just rub a tiny amount into my lips in circular motions and then wipe off with a damp towel when they’re ultra smooth. It’s lasted me so long now, and since it’s just oil and sugar I haven’t worried about the ingredients spoiling or going rancid.


Benefit Benetint

The product I would bring with me if I couldn’t take anything else. I have a thing for matching cheeks with lips, so I love that it can be used on both – a real lazy girl’s dream, not to mention it doesn’t just rub right off like most lip colours. If I want to look super sun-kissed I will add a dab to the bridge of my nose too, keeping in mind the consistency is very watery so you need to blend it quickly before it stains. I’ve gone pretty much my whole life hating the consistency of lip balm/gloss, but recently, I changed my tune and love wearing the Korres Jasmine Lip Balm over the top of my tint, finishing off with two dots of Benefit High Beam Illuminator on my cupids bow.


Waste Minimisation (In The Form Of Sante Reusable Make Up Remover)

Sante sent me this makeup removing disc about a year ago to try and I’ve been using it almost every day since. I use it with the Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser, but it has saved me even when I’ve forgotten my cleanser, get home late, or are traveling. It takes everything off just with warm water, including eye make up which is a big thing for me since I can get pretty heavy handed with the eyeliner. It’s crazy to think about how much waste the skincare industry creates, so I recommend this disc so anyone and everyone. Another favourite is my Kappi Bamboo Toothbrush, aesthetically it looks very sleek, and when you’re finished with it you just snap off the plastic top and compost the rest. I don’t know at what exact point in time every product was manufactured in plastic but it’s awesome that we’re seeing some other options crop up.


Inner Beauty

Getting hydration and vitamins from food is super important to me. I don’t take any supplements because I’m extremely skeptical of most health products, especially if I can get these vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet. Skin can be a helpful indicator of when something is off balance in the body, so way before topical skincare, inner health is at the top of my priorities. As much as I’d like to say I’m adventurous and carefree, my approach is pretty minimalist (maybe boring) when it comes to my meals. I’ve been vegetarian for almost six years now and I know what I like. My day on a plate consists of as many oranges I can get my hands on, seed crackers, spicy hummus, marinated tofu, and a grain salad that I like to throw every vegetable I own into.