The smokey eye is like the LBD of beauty – classic, strong, sexy (yeah, we cringe at that word too, but it had to be said), and sometimes tricky to pull off.

There’s a fine line between softly seductive, and looking like you’ve been punched in the eye. Most of our attempts usually resemble the latter, so until now, we’ve kind of been avoiding the idea altogether in favour of something that requires less time and blending like a red lip.

That said, one look at Chanel’s Brasserie Gabrielle overnight was enough to pique our interest once again. No, we’re not about to paint black up to our brows, but we’re all for adopting a more toned-down version for sure.

It’s not like we’ve given up without trying. We’ve watched tutorials on YouTube and tried all those so called beauty ‘hacks’ (ok, we had to draw the line at sticky tape stencils) but, quite frankly, spending 15 minutes of our lives watching someone embellish their eyelids feels like a waste. You lost us at 5 minutes 43 seconds when you hadn’t even picked up a brush yet.

So we came up with a method that takes two colours and less than 5 minutes each eye (yeah, really).

Get involved.

By Carmen Hamilton.


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