Daytime mascara 

Ok kids, today we’re going to show you how to master the art of daytime mascara.

Yep, there’s a science to it. But never fear, THE FILE is here to take the guesswork (and clumps… and smudges… and drag queen vibes) out of it.

We like our makeup not to look like makeup, if that makes sense. You know that whole ‘I woke up like this thing’? That’s the aim of our game, so mascara that looks like mascara isn’t really our thing. But unless we’ve had our eyelashes tinted (which, let’s face it, happens like… never), going without isn’t really an option either. We need a little bit of somethin’ or else we look kind of… dead.

We learned a few tricks from a makeup artist on set and, seriously, ever since… our lash game = strong.

We’re talking jet black, longer, ultra-defined lashes – top and bottom – minus the whole creepy spider leg resemblance.

(#singitwithme) This is how we do it…

By Carmen Hamilton.