If eyeshadow confuses you at the best of times, let us assure you, you’re not alone. Where do you put it? How do you blend it? How do you know what colour?

Why does it make your eyes look small and closed? There’s a lot that can go wrong, and when it’s wrong, it’s really wrong, but when it’s good, it’s well worth the trouble.

It can define your eyes without the heaviness of eyeliner, open them up, change the shape and make them look twice the size with a bit of shadowing underneath (a trick Cara Delevingne’s make-up artist does on the reg, apparently).

It’s an obvious choice if you’re hitting the town, but when long lunches and summer soirées call for a bit of extra somethin’ somethin’ in the eye department, we’re at a loss.

What won’t make us look like Courtney Love? Daytime shadow, that’s what (kind of like a smokey eye, but the PG version). Click through to see how it’s done.

By Carmen Hamilton.