“What would Dayna Frazer do?” is a mantra we’ve recently adopted at THE FILE HQ. It’s working out well for us so far, thanks for asking. Thanks to the entrepreneurial vegan, we’ve saved on yoga and Pilates memberships by tuning into Yoga With Adriene from the safe confines of our bedrooms, cut down our dairy intake upon finishing the dietary documentary that is What The Health, and conversely increased our fruit intake, all per her recommendation. She’s also single-handedly making sun safety cool, which is exactly what we need in time for spring time here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Everything Dayna does in life is underpinned by mindfulness. She’d rather chill at home and feast on a plant-based meal than ~go out~, exercises and meditates for “sanity, not vanity,” and has a super minimalist approach to makeup and skincare. Her cosmic online presence is emblematic of our generation’s keenness for authentic and genuine role models, this evidenced further the time I watched her Q&A session on YouTube and scrolled through the comments section. Among the standard (and warranted) “You’re so beautiful!” assessments, it was remarkably clear how much the people of the internet look up to her for her down-to-earthness and kind demeanour. It’s hard not to.

Throw on some sunscreen, fix yourself a bowl of greens, and get to know the wonderful Dayna (and her wonderful home) better. If you find yourself staring at her impossibly beautiful skin for an inappropriate amount of time, don’t worry — us too! Thanks for inviting us in, Dayna!

Words, Madeleine Woon. Photography, Rafael Martinez.

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